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Opponents of fracking in the Vale of Belvoir are celebrating after Government halts projects

Opponents of fracking in the Vale of Belvoir are celebrating the Government’s decision to halt the practice.

Ministers have also warned that future fracking exploration projects such as the licence granted for areas of the Vale of Belvoir in 2015 would not be supported.

The decision was taken after a new scientific study conducted by the Oil and Gas Authority said it was not possible to rule out “unacceptable” consequences for those living near fracking sites.

The Vale of Belvoir (21191117)
The Vale of Belvoir (21191117)

Alastair McQuillan, of Rutland and Melton Green Party, said: “I’m delighted that the decade-long campaign against fracking appears to over. Our communities didn’t want fracking in their neighbourhood, they knew it wasn’t safe and the Oil and Gas Authority confirmed that they were right.

“It confirms what we have been saying for years, that fracking is both bad for our communityas well as our environment.”

In 2015 Hutton Energy was given one of 27 permits for fracking, although it still had to gain approval from the Environment Agency and Melton Council planners before it was able to start fracking. The only fracking site in the UK is near Blackpool where tremors were felt as a result of the fracking there.

Fracking involves drilling deep into the ground and blasting a mixture of water, sand and chemicals into shale rocks to release gas trapped inside. The Vale of Belvoir permit covered an area of around 100 square kilometres.

Green MP Caroline Lucas said: "Better late than never. Greens have been saying for years that fracking isn't safe and would wreck our last chance to address the climate emergency.

"Finally the government has been forced to listen. Don't let anyone tell you that campaigning doesn't change anything.

"The UK's future is fossil fuel free. We've taken the first step with the ban on fracking, but we can't stop until all fossil fuels are left in the ground where they belong."

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