Orrery is a waste of tax payers’ hard earned cash

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I AM writing in reply to the letter by Steve Jones, of Sunningdale (Journal, October 14), about the hideous eyesore, the orrery, in Market Place and the slabs and road which cost £1.6 million.

You are not the only person who thinks the new statue looks absolutely hideous and out of place.

I would like to know who approved this? The money could have been spent on repairing the pavement in High Street and the numerous pot-holes.

I would like to ask Lincolnshire County Council highways department if they could please alter the timing of the “green man” at the crossing at the junction of Wharf Road and London Road. Presently it does not allow enough time to walk across and the car and lorry drivers are too impatient.


Dryden Close, Grantham