Our Sahara trekkers need your support

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IT is not long now until a group from Grantham set out on the trip of a lifetime to the Sahara Desert to raise money for the Brick-in-the-Wall Appeal.

The group, which will be led by Terry Crosby from Travel and Trek, are going to walk 70 miles across the desert in just six days.

The aim is to raise as much as possible for Grantham Hospice and help us hit our £40,000 appeal target.

But you can do your bit without even leaving your house. If you would like to sponsor a trekker or the whole group there is more information about some of them here.

If you decide you would like to support someone or have your own way of raising money for the hospice appeal call us on 01476 562291 and ask for Suzie or e-mail suzanne.pike@jpress.co.uk