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Grantham Journal letter: Our valuable resources have been wasted

I read with interest the letters in the Journal last week (March 5) concerning the condition of the roads in and around Grantham and fully endorse their comments.

In December, my vehicle was damaged by a pothole which I was unable to avoid due to oncoming traffic. The cost of the repair was £162.80. I immediately submitted a claim to Lincolnshire County Council which has recently been rejected.

The reason given by Lincolnshire Legal Services was that the road in question is only required to be inspected once each year. This was undertaken in May 2020 when the highways inspector confirmed “that there were no safety issues present at this time”.

Letters (44680305)
Letters (44680305)

Incidentally, in the same correspondence was the fact that the council is the Highways Authority and therefore it has a duty to maintain the said road in a safe condition. I cannot comprehend why a considerable amount of my time was spent accessing claims forms, returning to the site to take measurements and providing photographic evidence , all of which was requested.

My conclusion on the whole scenario is that the council seems to have a legal loophole in place for all roads, but still wasted my time and theirs, plus tax payer’s money. Why was I not quoted the inspection policy for roads prior to any application being made? Valuable time and resources would have been saved by all parties and indeed could be in the future!

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