Outraged at comparison with soldiers

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I was shocked to read Cllr Jean Taylor’s comments in the Journal last week.

As a self-confessed new councillor, I think she showed great naivety in drawing comparison between the war in Afghanistan and the market place orrery.

As someone who has served in Afghanistan (with the the medal to prove it) I’m pretty disgusted that she chose to mention Afghanistan as some kind of punchline to her letter and pathetic justification for the orrery’s existence.

I found it a pretty insensitive thing to write, particularly so close to Remembrance Day.

Soldiers losing their lives should not be used as a reference point for the shenanigans of Grantham’s market place, nor should it be used by councillors in a feeble attempt to try and silence their critics.

Telling people to be quiet about the orrery - whether they voted for it or not - because soldiers are fighting and dying in Afghanistan is a real cheap shot.

People have EVERY right to say what they think, whether they’ve voted for something or not. How dare she say that they don’t? I demand an apology.

Jon Smyth