P. O’Malley - B. Rayson

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Hello, Good Evening and Welcome!

Paul O’Malley and Billie Rayson finally got it together, with Rapunzel letting down her locks for Prince Charming to begin the revolution.

The exquisite ceremony, led by the Rev Sue Evans, carried out in St Peter’s Church, Ropsley, was enjoyed by all. The bride, clothed in a fairy tale mediaeval gown with flowers au naturale and the groom being attentive, loving and emotional, in unity they set their vows in stone.

The magnificent banquet was held at the Ropsley Fox, together with the ultimate ambience, which was the icing on the cake.

Waved off by the Three Musketeers; Jack Guest and Harry and Polly Rayson, the honeymoon fired up with a journey up the Great North Road to the Viking City, where Guy Fawkes paved the way along the cobbled stones. After treading carefully in the Slug and Lettuce and herded onto the Golden Fleece, the Yellow Brick Road leads them to enchanting adventures.

Photo: Magical Moments

Editor’s note: wedding report run verbatim at request of the happy couple.