Parking concerns over Grantham academy plans

West Grantham Academy St Hugh's, Grantham.
West Grantham Academy St Hugh's, Grantham.
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Residents of The Grove fear that an extension to West Grantham Academy St Hugh’s will worsen parking problems, while the academy’s CEO argues the plans are aimed at solving those exact issues.

Some nearby homeowners are objecting to the application for a language teaching centre and new car park.

A resident on The Grove who wishes to remain anonymous said: “They say the current car park is enough for staff and they just need more drop-off spaces, but some park on The Grove all day, and even park on the paths. It’s a joke.”

CEO Trudy Brothwell said the academy had purchased land for the car park from South KestevenDistrict Council in response to complaints.

“We are aware that there is pressure on parking with visitors parking on the street. The application is primarily for the car park. We have no plans to build the centre yet,” she said.