Parking fine angers Grantham disabled Blue Badge driver

Paul Sweeney
Paul Sweeney
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A disabled Grantham 
pensioner was hit with a £35 parking ticket for not displaying his Blue Badge correctly.

Paul Sweeney, 78, of Riverside Flats, had parked his car in town last summer and returned to find a £35 ticket because his Blue Badge was not displayed on the dashboard.

Mr Sweeney, who suffers from a heart problem and a bowel condition, is adamant that his badge was on display.

He said: “I have no need to remove it from my car. The parking warden obviously just took the photo without looking for it properly.”

Shortly after receiving the ticket, Paul flew to Canada to see his sister who was seriously ill and arrived home a month later to discover that the fine had been increased to £105.

He added: “I wanted to do the right thing so I informed them that I was going away and that I would not be able to respond during this time, but that I was going to be appealing the fine. I thought that it was going to be the last time that I got to see my sister so I needed to go and didn’t have time to deal with the parking fine before I left. I feel like they have taken advantage of my situation.”

As he does not have enough money to pay the fine, Paul has now received a final notice demanding payment.

The retired engineer, who has lived in Grantham for four years, added: “I just don’t have the means to pay. I am living on a pension and often have to rely on Foodbanks as it is. It would mean that I would have to go without eating properly for several weeks. I am prepared to go to prison rather than pay what I can’t afford. I feel very strongly about this.”

A highways spokesperson said: “A blue badge should be placed on the dashboard, where it can be clearly seen. The photos taken by our warden clearly show that a blue badge wasn’t displayed in this case, which is why a ticket was issued. If someone believes they have been unfairly ticketed, there is an appeals process, and we do take extenuating circumstances into