Parking is becoming an issue for neighbours

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WORKING in the service industry, I have found it more and more difficult in recent years to park at my customers’ houses due to parked cars.

On a recent trip where I found difficulty parking, my customer told me that she gets annoyed because Mr and Mrs Neighbour each have a car, their four sons each have a car, plus two of their sons’ girlfriends who often stay over, each have a car, most of which are dumped in front of their neighbours’ properties.

I told her that I too have an inconsiderate neighbour who believes he and his have a divine right to park in front of our property on a regular basis, so I know how she feels.

I personally believe that properties should have to be arranged to accommodate vehicles that are used from that address.

We know that vehicle road tax is paid, so legally cars can park on the road, but to dump them outside a neighbour’s premises to my mind is pure ignorance.

I have also noticed that often these people have a garage full of junk; my advice is to get a shed, declutter the garage and use it for its intention, a car.

This would help the environment, help neighbour relations, and might also prolong the life of the car.


Kingscliffe Road, Grantham