‘Parking officers in Grantham are using their power in the wrong way’

Vine Street, Grantham
Vine Street, Grantham
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Civil parking enforcement (CPE) in Grantham is coming under fire as residents - and even a doctors’ surgery - are being hit by what they believe are unfair fines.

Parking officers have been out in force in the town centre since CPE came into play at the start of the month.

The Journal has received a number of reports of instances of rude officers and unjust fines.

On-call doctors at Vine Street Surgery were hit with five parking tickets in just four days last week - despite their marked vehicles being parked in a dedicated bay marked ‘DOCTORS’.

Surgery office manager Diane Bates described the enforcement officer that issued the fines as “very, very rude”.

She added: “At the moment, we don’t know whether we have to pay the fines. We have put in a complaint to the county council and we’ve receivedpermits to put in the cars. We’ve never needed them before.”

In another report, Ian Parker, who many know as ‘Pugsey’, parked his vehicle in the car park in Watergate while he attended an appointment at Vine Street Surgery.

Nearing the end of the hour, the doctor asked him to stay behind for a blood test, so Mrs Parker went back to the car to wait.

Seeing a parking enforcement officer, she explained that her husband would be just a few minutes as he was seeing a nurse, but the man refused to take that into consideration, said Mr Parker.

He arrived just as the ticket was being slapped on the windscreen.

Mr Parker, 57, of the Manthorpe estate in Grantham, said: “I know he’s not breaking any rules, but my argument is that there should be a little leeway.

“We know they’ve got the power but using it the way they’re using it is not good.”

Lincolnshire County Council’s parking services manager Mick Phoenix said: “Since taking on the role of enforcing the existing signs and lines, our teams are working hard to keep the streets clear of congestion or dangerous parking, making parking easier by freeing up bays from overstayers and helping local businesses. They have no targets or incentives.”

Mr Phoenix added that anyone who feels they have wrongly been issued with a parking ticket can appeal against it using contact details on the reverse of the ticket.