Parking restrictions proposed for Grantham streets after emergency services obstructed by parked cars

Proposed parking restrictions in Stamford Street and Victoria Street, Grantham.
Proposed parking restrictions in Stamford Street and Victoria Street, Grantham.
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Residents could be stopped from parking their cars on stretches of two Grantham streets because it is said emergency vehicles are being obstructed.

It is proposed that parts of Stamford Street and Victoria Street in Grantham become no-parking zones to make it easier for emergency vehicles to drive along the streets.

In a report to the Planning and Regulations Committee at Lincolnshire County Council, it says that the one-way streets are 7.5m wide, but with cars parked on both sides this is reduced to four metres.

The report also says the proximity of parked vehicles to the fire hydrants and around the apex of the one way system prohibits emergency service vehicles from being able to travel unrestricted along the streets.

As a result it has been recommended by officers that no-parking restrictions should be for a combined distance of 30m on Stamford Street and a combined distance of 35m on Victoria Street.

In a letter to residents, Area Highways Manager Mark Heaton said: “Following recent inspections and concerns raised by Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue, vehicles have been recorded as parked inappropriately on Stamford Street and Victoria Street in Grantham. It has been observed that a number of vehicles are parking causing obstruction to fire hydrants and impeding the progress of emergency vehicles, particularly around the tight bends. It has become apparent therefore that an increasing need for additional waiting restrictions exists.”

A meeting of the committee on Monday, January 16, will meet to discuss the proposals.