Party ‘too big’ to break up say police

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A POPULAR spot for walkers became a pit of drugs needles and beer bottles after thousands descended on the area for an illegal rave at the weekend.

Police officers stood by as around 4,000 people turned idyllic Twyford Wood near Colsterworth into a party zone where revellers took drugs, abused nitrous oxide and defecated wherever they pleased.

The aftermath was witnessed by Douglas Landy, director at nearby Witham Specialist Vehicles.

He said: “The runway has been left with thousands of broken bottles, balloons, nitrous oxide canisters, general waste and even excrement.

“Our site was broken into on Sunday morning and our security deterred numerous people from gaining entry. Other Honeypot Lane residents and businesses were majorly disrupted over the weekend.

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“I have spoken to many local people who come to Twyford to walk their dogs and they will not now do so until the site is tidied.”

The rave began on Saturday night and ran on into Sunday evening.

A police spokesman confirmed the rave was illegal in nature but said officers were left with little choice other than to allow it to run its course.

Police spokesman James Newall said: “We monitored the situation until it petered out naturally. It was just too big in terms of resources to break up.

“It would not have been a good idea, tactically.”

Mr Newall added: “The police have powers to disperse in that situation but when dealing with that many people the team of police officers you would need would be immense.”

Officers decided the risk of a “violent confrontation” was too high to risk intervening.

Mr Newall said: “In situations like this we have a risk assessment and if it is safer to let it continue to go on, rather than risking a violent confrontation then that’s what we will do.

“We know there were complaints of noise in the area. We are working with the Forestry Commission to prevent it from happening again.”

Lincolnshire Police met with the Forestry Commission, the owners of the land, to discuss ways to prevent a repeat in the future.

Commission recreation ranger Cheryl Joyce said the cost of the clean-up will run into the thousands of pounds.

She added: “We had no idea it was going to happen and the first we heard of it was when we got the call from police but it was too late to do anything.

“We’ve now just got masses of rubbish bags to clear up and there’s a huge amount of broken glass.”