Passing motorists tooted their support for striking firefighters in Grantham

Firefighters strike at Grantham Fire Station. 457D
Firefighters strike at Grantham Fire Station. 457D
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Firefighters from Grantham joined crews across the country on strike this week in a dispute over pensions.

Both Grantham crews walked out for four hours from noon on Wednesday, standing outside the station in Harlaxton Road waving flags and placards.
They were protesting against the Government’s intention to keep firefighters working up to the age of 60. Those who retire early or leave because they fail a fitness test face losing thousands of pounds from their pension.
The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) argues that it would be dangerous for men and women to do the job of a firefighter at that age.
Ben Selby, the area’s FBU representative, said the 20-strong group “walked out the door with a heavy heart”. But they were spurred on by the support shown by passing traffic, their spirits picked up by the constant tooting of horns.
Ben, a crew manager at Grantham, added: “We’re not saying we don’t want our pension to change at all, we understand they’re having to so something to make pensions more sustainable and everyone’s taking a hit for the national debt. What we would like is the Government to look into its own report and share with us some similar proposals.”
Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue said six incidents were reported across the county during the four-hour period and all were responded to in the normal timeframe.