Pensioner who contested parking fine in Market Place, Grantham, won his case

Michael Worth successfully contested his parking fine.
Michael Worth successfully contested his parking fine.
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A motorist who was unaware he was parking illegally in a loading bay in Grantham won his case when he appealed.

Michael Worth, of Carlton Scroop, parked in a loading bay in Market Place earlier this year and was sent a penalty notice, but when he contested it the fine was cancelled.

Mr Worth, 76, approached the Journal after reading about other drivers who have also been caught out in Market Place and Westgate because they have been unable to see parking restriction signs.

Mr Worth said his penalty was withdrawn on the grounds that there were “insufficient road markings and signage.”

He said: “Please note that the signs weren’t hidden, they have never been put there in the first place following a redesign of the Market Place, thus adding to the confusion created for shoppers and visitors alike.”

He added: “I have been in touch with the SKDC Chief Executive and Lincolnshire County Council with a view to getting the signage improved and clarified and those shoppers and visitors who have unnecessarily paid the fine demanded, having their fines reimbursed.

“At present the Market Place is a “no go” area and must be damaging the viability and recreational facilities offered.”

The loading bay in Market Place outside Printhub has only the one parking restriction sign which is easily obscured by parked vehicles.

In a letter to Mr Worth following the withdrawal of his fine, the notice processing department said: “The council endeavours to ensure that parking restrictions are sufficiently marked and signposted to draw the attention of a reasonable motorist. However, over time some road marking can become worn and faded. In light of this, Highways officers are currently reviewing the area concerned.”

Mick Phoenix, Parking Services Manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “The Market Place is part of a Restricted Parking Zone, which is why there are fewer signs. Restricted Parking Zones are areas where parking restrictions apply, but there’s just a boundary sign at the start of the zone to inform drivers of the rules rather than lots of repeater signs. Because there are no lines, signs are used to show where loading and limited waiting is allowed. This is to reduce the amount of clutter and unnecessary markings.”