People in Grantham feel earthquake from its Rutland epicentre

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A second earthquake to hit Rutland this morning has been felt by people living in the Grantham area.

Scores of people took to Twitter and social media to say they had felt the quake when it struck at 7.50am. This was the second quake in two days to hit Rutland. Today’s quake measured 3.5 on the Richter scale.

Chris Lewis said he felt this morning’s quake at the Alma Park estate, but hadn’t noticed yesterday’s tremors and Phil Teale said on Twitter: “Yeah, I did! The building shook as if someone had bumped into it really hard.”

Andy Maddison took to Twitter to say: “We felt it here in Manthorpe - makes you realise how scary a bigger/longer quake would be!”

Emma Glover said: “Yes I did! At about 5 to 8! Woken up by it! Weird!” and Gary Gorman said: “Yes. Like a small explosion but without the bang.”

David Standard said he felt it in Orston and Steve Cattell noticed it in Hougham.

Huntingtower School Tweeted: “Certainly did! Interesting noise which sounds like a plane.”

Vikki said: “We felt it today not yesterday’s though,” and Jack Dilloway said he felt it strike at 7.50am.

James Reichelt Tweeted: “Yes, thought it was next door’s van starting up. I was going to ‘have a word’.”

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