Personal drones for Grantham shoppers

Let a drone carry your shopping.
Let a drone carry your shopping.
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An innovative idea to reduce the number of cars coming into the town centre will see shoppers provided with Personal Assistant Drones (PADs) capable of carrying up to 50kg of shopping.

Currently in the final stages of testing, the PADs are fitted with a GPS tracking system that can be synced to a user’s mobile phone via an app, and accompany them during their shop. The revolutionary robot is the brainchild of Grantham inventor Dr Lisa Frolop, who believes she has found the solution to the town’s traffic woes.

She said: “People understandably want to use their cars when they are doing a big shop, but what if they had their own personal drone to carry their shopping around for them? There would be a lot less need for cars, and a lot less traffic.

“You’d be a fool not to use one.”

Having lost a few of the early prototypes, Dr Frolop has been able to ensure the PADs remain within a couple of metres of their shopper and fly no higher than 8ft. They also have technology similar to car parking sensors, to help prevent collisions with both pedestrians and other drones.

The plan is to create dedicated docking stations around town, where the drones can be collected and returned.

Inspired by Sir Isaac Newton, Dr Frolop hopes her invention will be the next scientific leap to come from the town. “Once again Grantham will be leading the way, although this time it will be about overcoming gravity rather than discovering it,” she added.

The first PADs will be available from April 1, 2017.