Petition seeks better funding for Lincolnshire Police

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People are being urged to sign an online petition in support of better funding for Lincolnshire Police.

Lincolnshire is the lowest funded force in the country, with rural forces Cumbria, Dorset and North Wales also under-funded.

Independent police commissioner candidates for all four areas recently visited Downing Street to hand over a letter on the subject of inequality in police funding.

The campaign was launched by Lincolnshire candidate David Bowles.

He said: “This petition is not about politics. It’s not even about the election. It’s about getting fair funding for policing in rural areas, particularly Lincolnshire, in order to ensure our safety and security.

“In my experience these campaigns are more likely to work when we can get the politicians and the public on board. I would encourage everybody, no matter what party or persuasion, to sign this petition.”

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