Pizza wobble boarders all around Grantham after controversy in Nottingham

17-year-old wobble boarders Tom Clawson and Cameron Howe.
17-year-old wobble boarders Tom Clawson and Cameron Howe.
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This week has seen the return of Domino’s wobble boarders around Grantham.

Domino’s stopped using the human billboards in Nottingham after the city council’s threat to issue a community protection notice, with chief anti-social behaviour officer Richard Antcliff describing it as “degrading”.

Among the wobble boarders in Grantham, is Cameron Howe, 17. He jokes the job involves “standing here looking like a t*t,” but is pleased with the £200 he gets for five days of 7-10am and 4-7pm shifts. Tom Clawson, 17, said they were coping with Wednesday’s heatwave thanks to water provided by their team manager, who regularly checks on them.

They have provoked different reactions from the public. “I did it in Newark and someone threw a bottle of water out of a car at me,” said Cameron. “You get people saying ‘get a real job you idiots’. But then we get people asking for a photo, waving, and saying at least we’re working.”

Domino’s head of communications, Nina Arnott, said: “Wobble boarders’ safety and wellbeing, along with that of the general public, are a top priority for Domino’s franchisees. We strongly encourage our team members to follow our recommendations on responsible wobble boarding such as taking regular breaks, keeping hydrated and most importantly staying safe.

“We appreciate wobble boarding is not to everyone’s taste but it is a very effective marketing tool for our stores and we do get very positive feedback from the public.”

An SKDC spokesman said they have had no complaints, and would only issue a notice if they were causing a nuisance or distracting road-users.