Planning applications Grantham and District

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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S14/0322/DC - Mr and Mrs J. Clark - Approval of details reserved by Condition 8 (joinery details) of S12/2730, plot adjacent 3, Casthorpe Road.

Belton and Manthorpe

S14/0300/HSH - Mr and Mrs D. Finch - Single storey side extension, 14 Baysdale Grove, Grantham.

Castle Bytham

S14/0168/FULL - Mr and Mrs A. Rowe - Single storey dwelling (with basement accommodation), land adjacent Russet Place, Clipsham Road.


S13/2904/FULL and S13/2915/LB - Mr J. Wish - Conversion of barns to three dwellings and erection of three garages, Court Leys, Brandon.

S13/2816/FULL and S13/2907/LB - Mr J. Wish - Change of use of barn/cart shed to form single dwelling, Fair View Cottage, Brandon.

S13/2937/FULL - Robert Alder - Conversion of buildings to form two dwellings and parking area, The Old Rectory, 6a Church Lane.

S14/0228/TCA - Mr C. Bennett - Removal of robina and reduction in height of fir tree by 2.5 metres, 7 The Cottage, Frieston Green, Frieston Road.


S14/0320/TCA - Roldano Morselli - Reduce two cherry and one willow tree by three metres and reshape by two metres, fell two willow trees, Willow Lodge, Water Lane, Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth.

Corby Glen

S14/0294/FULL - Colin Smith - bungalow and outbuilding, The Paddock, Swinstead Road.


S14/0229/FULL - Mrs D. Williams - Application under Section 73 of the Town and County Planning Act 1990 to allow for amended hard and soft landscaping scheme and parking/turning area. (Variation of conditions 5, 6, 8 and 11 of S10/0540), The Wagon Hovel, Hilltop Farm, Croxton Kerrial.


S14/0088/FULL - David Nelson - Rear conservatory; glass curtain wall under existing eaves overhang on the east elevation facing courtyard, to create enclosed porch; retention of boundary wall; continuation of use of land as domestic garden, The Courtyard, Sudthorpe Hill.

S14/0089/LB - David Nelson - Retrospective application for conversion of former stables to domestic dwelling (including retention of attached boundary walls); rear conservatory; glass curtain wall under existing eaves overhang on east elevation facing courtyard, to create enclosed porch, The Courtyard, Sudthorpe Hill.


S14/0268/LDE - John Kime - Occupation of bungalow and garage without compliance of Conditions 2 and 4 of planning permission SK.6921 - Lawful Development Certificate Existing, 3 Sleaford Road.


S14/0083/LB - Geraldine Gale - Installation of fascia sign and projecting sign, 83 Westgate.

S14/0189/DC - Mr G. Burks - Approval of details reserved by Condition 2 (materials) of S13/1670/FULL, Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, Sandon Road.

S14/0233/ADV - McDonalds Restaurant Ltd - Relocation of illuminated gateway sign, four totem signs, one poster board, one customer ordering display and canopy and erection of one illuminated customer ordering display and canopy, one totem and one non-illuminated side-by-side directional sign, McDonalds Restaurant, Bridge End Road.

S14/0299/HSH - Mr and Mrs C. Crawford - Demolition of conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension, 2 Toll Bar Road.

S14/0314/HSH - Mr M. Kelby - Extension to form front porch and pitched roof over existing garage, 24 Rushcliffe Road.

S14/0329/TCA - Mr S. Neller - Removal (to ground level) of three leylandii trees, 4 Church Street, Grantham.

Great Gonerby

S14/0265/AG - Robert Jenkinson - grainstore, land off Newark Hill.

Gunby and Stainby

S14/0183/FULL - Jamie Jackson - stable/garage block and use of paddock/field for equestrian uses, Tower Hill Farm, Water Lane, Stainby.


S14/0276/DC - Mr N. Joyce - Approval of details reserved by Condition 2 (landscaping and tree planting) and Condition 5 (disposal of surface water and foul drainage) of p/p SK/0072/57/04, QK Cold Stores (Marston) Ltd, Tollbar Road.


S13/3210/HSH - Mr and Mrs G. Bishop - Two-storey side extension to dwelling, Ash Tree Cottage, Shepton Lane.

Ropsley and Humby

S14/0188/FULL - Mr D. Timms - Change of use from commercial to residential dwelling, The Chapel, 24 Chapel Hill, Ropsley.

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