Planning Applications Grantham and District

South Kesteven District Council
South Kesteven District Council
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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S14/0360/HSH - Richard Collins - Erection of pitched roof over existing front projection, 48 Park Road.


S14/0264/FULL - Mr A. Muldoon - Demolition of existing garage (to facilitate access) and erection of one-and-a-half storey dwelling, 3 High Road.

Castle Bytham

S14/0283/TCA - Mrs Applegate - Thin beech tree, removing crossing, rubbing and duplicating branches and raise crown over neighbour’s drive. Reduce spread of fastigiate hornbeam by one metre all round, 4 Water Lane.


S14/0346/FULL - Lovett Race Homes UK Ltd - Erection of bungalow, land between 3 and 7 Frieston Road.


S14/0258/FULL - David Bignell, DB Cars - Change of use of premises from marquee storage to car repair/storage/sales, Wickets Farm, Doddington Lane.

Corby Glen

S14/0324/FULL - David Todd - Erection of dwelling with two-storey accommodation, 1 Bourne Road.


S14/0311/HSH - Mrs J. Ablewhite - Erection of single storey side and rear extension to bungalow and replacement double garage, Y Not, Main Street.


S14/0340/HSH - Peter Hughes - Two-storey side extension to dwelling, East View, Lincoln Road.


S14/0030/ADV - Andy Gilliver, Bellway Homes East Midlands - Erection of advertisement board and four flagpole signs, Poplar Farm, Barrowby Road.

S14/0204/ADV - Sarah Patton - Erection of non-illuminated fascia sign and non-illuminated free-standing sign, Grantham Tennis Club, Gonerby Road.

S14/0321/FULL - Mrs H. Hilton - Demolition of store and bin compound and erection of extension to school, Little Gonerby Infant School, Sandon Road.

S14/0377/FULL - Legal and General Assurance (Pensions) c/o agent - Section 73 Application to remove Condition 4 (Non food retail use only) of planning approval SK/35/0510/88, Unit 2, London Road.

S14/0383/ADV - Legan and General Assurance (Pensions) c/o agent - Erection of one internally illuminated fascia sign and one internally illuminated totem sign and one internally illuminated free-standing sign, Unit 2, London Road.

S14/0416/FULL - Legal and General Assurance (Pensions) c/o agent - Minor works in relation to proposed food retail use including car park improvements, trolley bays and bollard, extension and erection of plant, new service dock, painting of cladding, inclusion of service openings and new shop front, Unit 2, London Road.


S14/0368/LB - Mr C. Overend - Increase opening within existing internal wall between bar and lounge area to create one open space, Griffin Inn, 15 Bulby Road.

Long Bennington

S14/0174/DC - Mrs Eveleigh - Approval of details reserved by Condition 2 (Surface Water Drainage) of S13/2809, Long Bennington CofE Academy, Main Road.


S13/3470/OUT - Mr J. Cooke - Erection of one dwelling in association with Wagtail Country Park, land at Wagtail Country Park, Cliff Lane.

Ropsley and Humby

S14/0313/HSH - Graham Hadley - Erection of single storey detached garage to front of dwelling, 17 Church Lane, Ropsley.

South Witham

S14/0323/DEXT - David Mecalf - Single storey rear extension 5.05m deep, 5.29m wide, 2.5m to eaves, 4m to ridge, 24 Water Lane.