Planning Applications Grantham and District

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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S14/0575/TCA - Jonathan Edwards - Fell one willow tree, Barkston House, Main Road.


S14/0381/FULL - Mr and Mrs D. Donger - Demolition of house and barn and erection of replacement dwellinghouse, barn, garage, stable block and amended access, Coe Farm, Denton Lane.

S14/0456/HSH - Mr and Mrs P. Lee - Demolition of existing dwelling and rebuild on a like-for-like basis, Bancroft, Low Road.

S14/0562/TPO5 - Louisa Jeffrey - Removal of two trees, The White House, Casthorpe Road.


S14/0549/TCA - Mr J. Spreadbury - One maple - crown reduction by three metres; three birches - crown reduction by two metres; one ash - fell to ground level; one maple - crown reduction by three metres; one magnolia - crown reduction by two metres, Osbourne House, 3 Low Street.

Boothby Pagnell

S14/0491/HSH - Neil Thomas - Erection of two-storey side extension and single storey attached garage to front, Home Farm Cottage, Ponton Road.

Castle Bytham

S14/0529/DC - Mr and Mrs R. Bontoft - Discharge Conditions 2 (Materials) and 4 (Surface water disposal) of S13/2733, adjacent 29 Station Road.


S14/0410/HSH - Mr I. Rose - Erection of single storey rear extension to dwelling, 10 Colster Way.

S14/0431/HSH - Mrs S. Bird - Erection of extension and single garage, 6 Stamford Road.

S14/0517/TCA - Miss C. Taylor - Reduce overall height and spread of apple tree (T1) by 25 per cent and thin out by 20 per cent, 22 Newton Way.


S13/3457/HSH - Mr and Mrs R. Mannering - Retention of close boarded fencing and erection of replacement five bar fencing, Sudthorpe Farm, Sudthorpe Hill.


S13/3330/NMA - Sarah Patton - Non-material amendment to S12/1919 redevelopment of tennis club to include alterations to windows, car parking, entrance barriers, cycle shelters, roof lights, court lighting, car park lighting, ventilation stacks, two additional floor condensors, additional PV panels, omission of grilles and siting of substation and meter housing, Grantham Tennis Club, Gonerby Road.

S14/0099/MJNF - Sarah Patton - Section 73 Application to Vary Condition 4 (Parking/turning) and 18 (Lighting) and 24 (Approved Plans) of planning approval S12/1919, Grantham Tennis Club, Gonerby Road.

S14/0354/ADV - Mr F. Juliano - Erection of signage to shopfront, 12 Wharf Road.

S14/0362/HSH - Mr and Mrs R. Meadows - Increase height of gates and pillars, pitched roof porch and erection of detached garage to front of dwelling, Postings, 4 Belton Lane.

S14/0386/ADV - Bon Marche - One internally illuminated fascia and pod sign, 38-39 High Street.

S14/0471/MJRR - Springfield Park Property and Kimberley Developments - Approval of Reserved Matters for Residential Development (62 dwellings), Springfield Park, Caunt Road.

S14/0475/DEM - RMS Construction Ltd - Demolition of building associated with former builder’s yard, 33 Signal Road.

S14/0550/HSH - Ian Marshall - Creation of vehicular access, 100 Harrowby Lane.

Great Gonerby

S14/0380 - Mr D. Berry - Erection of dwelling and garage, rear of 24 Long Street.

S14/0451/LB - Mr D. Wrigglesworth - Installation of internal shutters to sash windows, 78 Long Street.

S14/0535/HSH and S14/0536/LB - Richard Brown - Single storey garden room extension, 20 Green street.


S14/0466/HSH - Mr and Mrs D. Edwards - Single storey extension to rear of dwelling, 8 Spring Lane.

Hough on the Hill

S14/0528/HSH - Mr A. McLean - Two-storey and single storey extensions and erection of carport/garage, The Cottage, Lower Road.

Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/0436/FULL - Mr S. Winfield - Erection of stand alone office and replacement of existing flat floor with a pitched roof, Isaac Newton Way.


S14/0298/HSH - Pamela MacAllister - Erection of porch to front of dwelling, rear single storey orangery extension, first floor side extension and insertion of first floor window to rear and two dormer windows to front, Rose Farm House, Main Street.

S14/0503/DCLB - Mr J. Thorold - Approval of details reserved by Condition 1 (reinstatement of chimney) of S13/1260/LB, Marston Hall, School Lane.

Old Somerby

S14/0467/DC - Mr A. E. Pearson - Approval of details of Condition 2 (Materials) of S13/3296/HSH, Walnut Tree House, Grantham Road.

Ropsley and Humby

S14/0585/TCA - Sally Platt - Fell one plum tree, prune lower limbs of one cherry tree, 7 High Street.


S14/0181/HSH - Stuart Fraser - Creation of vehicular access to dwelling, 4 Sedgebrook Road.

S14/0511/TCA - Mr P. Hammond - Reduce overhanging branches of ash tree (T1) by 25 per cent and removal of lowest overhanging branch, Ashlea, Main Street.