Planning Applications Grantham and District

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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S14/1138/HSH - Edward Marris - Erection of free-standing gazebo, Willoughby Hall, Willoughby Road, West Willoughby.

Belton and Manthorpe, Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/1028/MJNF - Mr A. Gordon - Renovation/relocation of existing adventure playground including removal of a number of existing play structures and existing train shed, installation of new play structures and erection of replacement train shed, cafe/toilet building and access bridge, Belton House, The Drive, Belton.


S14/1125/FULL - Oasby Developments Limited - Erection of two-storey dwelling and detached double garage, land off Vine Street.

Carlton Scroop

S14/1247/HSH - Retention of free-standing boiler unit to front of dwelling, Old Rectory, Main Street.

Castle Bytham

S14/1150/TCA - Elizabeth Rix - Fell one cedar tree, 10 Cumberland Gardens.

S14/1182/TCA - Mrs Weeks - Removal of eucalyptus tree, 32 Cumberland Gardens.

S14/1156/AG - Rob Chorlton - Erection of an anaerobic digestion plan and associated equipment, Park House Farm.


S14/1146/HSH - Mr J. Fitzherbert - Demolition of existing porch and erection of replacement porch, 3 Frieston Green, Frieston.

Corby Glen

S14/1225/NMA - Mr and Mrs M. Winters - Non-material amendment to S14/0324 relating to positioning of access, 1 Bourne Road.


S14/1128/HSH - E. J. Unwin - Reposition of entrance drive and the provision of off-road parking, 45 Main Street.


S14/1293/DCLB - Kevin Jackson - Approval of details reserved by Condition 2 (finish of windows and doors) of S14/0537, 5 Market Place.


S14/0897/FULL - Moores Estate Agents - Change of Use of former parcels office to estate agents marketing suite (A2), Grantham Railway Station, Station Road West.

S14/0898/ADV - Moores Estate Agents - Display of six externally illuminated signs on front and rear elevations of building and three internally illuminated display stands behind window/doors, Grantham Railway Station, Station Road West.

S14/1122/MDPO - Mr N. Cucksey, South Kesteven District Council - Modify planning obligation in relation to planning permission S02/1169 to allow the local planning authority to install an equipped play area, land at Springfield Road, Grantham.

S14/1131/HSH - Mr S. Hobday and Ms J. McGrath - Two-storey front, rear and side extensions, including first floor terrace to dwelling and two-storey detached garage, 6 Harrowby Lane.

S14/1153/HSH - Mr and Mrs D. Smeaton - First floor rear extension to dwelling, 58 Harrowby Lane.

S14/1223/DC - Mark Newton - Approval of details of Conditions 2 (Method Statement for repairs to stonework) and 3 (sectional drawing for new opening) of S13/2614/FULL, 68 High Street.

S14/1227/HSH - Anne Dobson - Single storey extensions to the side and rear, 36 Croft Drive.

S14/1236/DEXT - Mr M. Blackwell - Single storey rear extension (depth 6.5 metres height to eaves 2.5 metres), 15 Harrowby Lane.

S14/1253/DCLB - Peter Norton - Approval of details of Condition 2 (materials) of planning application S13/0897, 9 North Parade.

S14/1278/HSH - Derek Chidlow - Erection of attached garage to front of dwelling and insertion of roof lights to ground floor side elevation, 6 St Helen’s Close.

S14/1281/DCLB - Mark Newton - Approval of details of Conditions 2 (Method stagement for repairs to stonework) and 3 (sectional drawing for new opening) of S13/2616/LB, 68 High Street.

Great Gonerby

S14/1296/LCON - Malthurst Petroleum Ltd - Premises licence, MRH Toll Bar, A1 Gonerby Moor.

Great Ponton

S14/1245/LB - Mitchell Freeman - Alteration to listed building, 5 Archers Way.


S14/1269/TCA - Mr R. Scott - Removal of six conifer trees to ground level including groundings of stumps, removal of ground level of one tulip tree, 51 High Street.

Hough on the Hill

S14/0926/DC - Trevor Noble - Approval of details reserved by Conditions 2 (joinery details), 3 (surface finishes), 4 (sample panel), 5 (rainwater goods) and 6 (roofing materials) of S14/0236.

Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/1163/HSH - Mr and Mrs D. Beasor - Two-storey extension to front, side and rear of property, 33 Kenilworth Road.

Long Bennington

S14/0963/FULL - Matthew Wilkinson - Demolition of house, former petrol filling staation and workshop and construction of new access road, convenience food store, car park and service yard, 27 Main Road.

S14/1170/FULL - Mr M. Foster, Lindum Homes - Erection of seven dwellings and access road, 27 Main Road.

Pointon and Sempringham

S14/1160/FULL - Mr and Mrs I. Stockdale - Change of Use of mixed use dwelling and office to residential use with alterations to existing outbuildings, 38 West Road, Pointon.


S14/1040/LB - Mr and Mrs J. Quigley - Conversion of existing brick built redundant farm barns to form four dwellings with amenity space and parking, Chestnut Farm Barns, Village Street.

S14/1224/HSH - Mr P. James - Two-storey side extension and erection of entrance lobby to front of dwelling, Sedgebrook Mill, Woolsthorpe Lane, Muston.