Planning Applications Grantham and District

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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S14/1421/TCA - Mr and Mrs McLean - Fell two cherry trees, one sycamore tree, one elder tree and one hawthorn tree, Berberene, Main Street.

S14/1660/TCA - Mr D. Headland - Reduction in height of conifers by 50 per cent, The Cottage, The Green.

S14/1679/FULL - Gary Howell - Demolition and replace dwelling and relocate vehicular access (amendments to permission S13/0841), 1 Bottom Street.


S14/1454/NMAH - Les Johnson and Partners - Non-material amendment to originally approved scheme S12/0327 to provide external fenestration changes, internal alterations and increase in size of eastern wing, Sudbrook Hill Farm, Carlton Road, Sudbrook.

S14/1612/TCA - Mrs L. Tyndall - Reduction and reshape of beech (T1) by not more than 3m, Ancaster House, Ermine Street.

S14/1713/TPO - Mrs L. Tyndall - Cut back limbs to clear building and reshape crown of sycamore (T2) not exceeding 2m, Ancaster House, Ermine Street.

Ancaster, Normanton

S14/1712/EIASC - Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd - EIA Screening Opinion - land north of Sudbrook Heath, Ancaster.


S14/1563/OUT - Mr J. Bradley - Erection of dwelling - Plot between The Rise and 3 Lawson Leas.


S14/1399/FULL - Mr M. Goodall - Conversion of public house to form two dwellings, erection of three dwellings and associated detached garage, George and Dragon, 1 Victoria Street.

Boothby Pagnell

S14/1484/HSH - Ros Nicholson - Creation of new vehicular access (including blocking up of existing) and alteration to boundary treatment, Home Farm, Ponton Road.

S4/1485/LB - Ros Nicholson - Alteration to boundary treatment, Home Farm, Ponton Road.

Carlton Scroop, Hough on the Hill, Normanton

S14/1026/FULL - Dick Baines - Single wind turbine (hub height 34.45m, rotor diameter 29.1m and total height to blade tip 49m) and associated infrastructure, Bellevue Farm, Carlton Scroop.

Castle Bytham

S14/1156/RAG - Rob Chorlton - Erection of an anaerobic digestion plant and associated equipment, Park House Farm.


S14/0630/HSH - Mr P. Sowerby - Retention of various alterations and extensions to Caythorpe Hall and adjacent Coach House, relocation and retention of various minor structures within the curtilage, erection of leisure building, greenhouse and cold frames within the walled garden, Caythorpe Hall, Church Lane.

S14/1447/HSH - Mrs Sarah Richardson - New external brick skin to dwelling and erection of single storey rear extension, 3 Templeway Close.

S14/1575/FULL - Lovett Race Homes UK Ltd - Construction of new bungalow, 5 Frieston Road.


S14/1380/FULL - Richard Lambert, National Trust - Demolition of wall and construction of replacement limestone wall, Woolsthorpe Manor, 23 Newton Way, Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth.

S14/1381/LB - Richard Lambert, National Trust - Demolition of existing wall and rebuild using limestone, Woolsthorpe Manor, 23 Newton Way, Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth.

Corby Glen

S14/1483/FULL - Jonathan Love - Erection of detached dwelling, 43 Bourne Road.

S14/1598/HSH - Ms Lisa Johnson - Demolition of outbuilding and erection of single storey side extension and erection of front porch, 10 Coronation Road.

S14/1635/TCA - Mr and Mrs B. Walsingham - Removal of one apple tree, one walnut tree, two yew trees and lop holly tree, Glebe Farm, 8 Church Street.


S14/1663/TCA - Mr J. Mitchell - Work to trees, 135 Main Street.


S14/1737/DCLB - Miss H. Weston Smith - Approval of details of Condition 2 of p/p S14/0875/LB, 36 Market Place.


S14/1525/FULL - Mr G. Dixon - Change of use from B2 (General Industrial) to D2 (Assembly and Leisure), land at Springfield Road.

S14/1583/ADV - Miss M. Sanders - Erection of two free-standing and one wall-mounted sign, The Old Barracks, Sandon Road.

S14/1595/HSH - Mr A. Padovano - Proposed two-storey extension to side and rear of dwelling, 163 Manthorpe Road.

S14/1608/LB - Mr J. Bradley - Alterations to listed building, Grantham College, Stonebridge Road.

S14/1611/DC - Mr J. Kendle - Approval of details of Conditions 3 (drainage), 6 (footpath provision) and 8 (cycle shelters) of p/p S12/1290/FULL, King’s School Playing Field, North Parade.

S14/1617/HSH - Bruce Watt - Single storey rear extension, 21 Neals Crescent.

S14/1683/DC - Community Assets, South Kesteven District Council - Approval of details required by Condition 5 (surface and foul water drainage) of S13/2103, 15 Sandon Road,

S14/1727/TPO5 - Ian Keen, Ian Keen Ltd - Removal of trees T22, T32, T47 lawson cypress and T50 western red cedar, former St Catherine’s House, 49 and 1A Dudley Road, St Catherine’s Road.


S14/1652/CWC - Gordon Cakebread - Confirmation of compliance with Condition 1 (material start of development) of S10/068, land at The Drift.

Little Bytham

S14/1602/AG - Mr A. Turner - Proposed livestock building, The Grange, Grange Lane.

Ropsley and Humby

S14/1508/HSH - Mr and Mrs Graham - Single storey side extension, Red House Farm, Little Humby.

Westborough and Dry Doddington

S14/1573/OVH - Emma Stevenson, Western Power Distribution - Erect one H pole with a switch box and one H pole with four stays to existing 33,000 volt overhead line, Copley Farm, Doddington Lane, Claypole.

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