Planning Applications Grantham and District

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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S14/2692/MJRO - Wheatcroft Land c/o agent - Redevelopment to provide new retail store and 14 houses with landscaping, access and boundary treatment, 139 Ermine Street.


S14/2739/DEXT - Mr A. Lane - Demolition of conservatory and replacement with flat roofed single storey extension, The Willows, 32 Hough Road.


S14/2593/FULL - Mr D. Donger - Removal of Conditions 6 and 8 of permission S14/1696, Coe Farm. Denton Lane, Casthorpe.

S14/2813/OUT - Johnathan Layzell, Raglan Housing Association - Nine two-storey dwellings, car parking and access road, Greenacres, Rectory Lane.


S14/2796/AAC - Mr J. Worley - Variation of Condition 1 (Type of Marquee) of 12/0628/VAC and Condition 2 (Period of time) on Appeal Decision 10/00660/FUL (Erection of marquee), Belvoir Castle.

Carlton Scroop

S14/2665/FULL - Col Patrick Bowlby - Rebuilding of garage, Carlton Manor, Heath Lane.

S14/2733/DETCOFA - Mr R. Porter - Prior Notification - Change of use of agricultural barn to a single dwelling, Stone Horse Farm, Hough Lane.

Castle Bytham

S14/2799/TCA - Simon Blunt - Removal of four cherry trees, 8 Castlegate.


S14/2802/HSH - Mr J. King - Single storey flat roofed extension, 23 Barnby Lane.

Colsterworth, North Witham

S14/2745/FULL - Ken Smithers, Eco Link Power Ltd - Change of Use of part of agricultural storage to woodchip drying facility, including installation of biomass boilers in existing buildings, Honey Pot Lane.

Corby Glen

S14/2679/HSH - Penny Campbell - Single storey side extension, The Mount, 7 Irnham Road.

S14/2715/DC - Robert Sloane - Discharge Conditions 4 (revised travel plan); 5 (phasing plan) and 6 (community use agreement) of S14/0605, The Charles Read Academy, Bourne Road.


S14/2624/DC - Mr M. Connors - Approval of details of Condition 2 (Materials), 6 (Surface Water Drainage) and 8 (Construction Method Statement) of S14/1561, Larkrise, 1 Long Street.


S14/2541/LDE - Mr K. Olivier - Conversion of dwelling to two flats, 8 Park Road.

S14/2557/TPO - Mr W. Shaw - Removal of lime and pruning of hornbeam, 1 Lodge Way.

S14/2675/DC - Asda Stores Ltd - Approval of details reserved by Condition 4 (accoustic mitigation) of p/p S14/1821/FULL, Asda Plc, Union Street.

S14/2680/TPO - Leo Hayden - Crown thin cherry tree by 20 per cent; reduce two bay trees by 50 per cent, 2 Hazelwood Drive, Gonerby Hill Foot.

S14/2738/HSH - Mr D. Hibbert - Two-storey side and single storey rear extension, 6 Derby Close.

S14/2767/TCA - Mr G. Birkinshaw - Removal of tree, The Old Coach House, 12 Vine Street.

Great Gonerby

S14/2770/OUT - Mr J. Critchley - Residential development (four dwellings), 27 Belton Lane.


S14/2812/HSH - Mr and Mrs B. Haws - Two-storey extension to dwelling, Spinneyfields, Main Street.

Little Bytham

S14/2766/HSH - Christopher Tye - Single storey rear extension, 19 High Street.

Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/2656/DC - Mr M. Watson - Approval of details reserved by Condition 3 (joinery details) of S11/2331, Manor Farm, Newgate Lane, Londonthorpe.


S14/2711/HSH - ILA Developments - Side, front and rear extensions, 12 High Street.

Stoke Rochford

S13/2258/LB - Trustees of Stoke Rochford Trust Estate - Alteration to listed building, Pasture Farm, Skillington Road.

S14/2785/LB - Mr M. Taylor - Single storey conservatory, The Bungalow, Home Farm, Cringle Road.


S14/2625/DETCOFU - Mr L. Bird - Prior approval application for Change of Use from agricultural building to two dwellings, Barns A and B, Rectory Farm, Brandon Road.

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