Planning Applications Grantham and District

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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S14/3070/TCA - Mr and Mrs R. Machin - Fell two yew trees, Corner House, The Green.

Barrowby, Grantham

S14/2953/MJRF - Andrew Jay - Residential development of 227 dwellings, public open space, play area, associated infrastructure, including highway and pedestrian facilities and drainage infrastructure, land north of 372-400 Dysart Road.

Belton and Manthorpe

S14/2886/FULL - Carlsen Hawke - Creation of two ponds, Belton House, The Drive, Belton.

Belton, Manthorpe and Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/3006/DC - Alec Gordon, The National Trust - Approval of details in relation to Conditions 4, 6, 7 and 8 of S14/1028, Belton House, The Drive, Belton.


S14/3010/FULL - Peter Burrows - Retention of B8 (storage use) - retrospective application - Grimers Transport Ltd, 11 Station Road.

Castle Bytham

S14/3076/HSH - Suzanne Rodaway - Conversion of garage to living space, first floor side extension above garage, two-storey side extension and single storey rear extension, 22 Bytham Heights.

S14/3077/TCA - Angus MacDonald - Fell cupressus tree, Mount Pleasant Farmhouse, 33 High Street.


S14/3155/TPO5 - Michael Moore - Removal of tree, Tamanda, 2 High Street.


S14/2786/HSH - Mr R. Finch - Installation of garage doors to existing open fronted garages, 8 School Lane.


S14/3035/NMAH - Penelope Lowe - Non-material amendment of S10/2654 (replace ramp with step), 53 Woolsthorpe Road, Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth.

S14/2950/CWC - Mr H. Smith - Confirmation of compliance with conditions 1 and 2 of S07/0194, 27 Watt Avenue.


S14/2860/LB - Robert Dorsett - Retention of steel chimney flue, Silver Pear Cottage, Main Street.

Denton, Harlaxton

S14/3127/HSH - Mark Howard - Increase ridge height; alterations and extensions to property, Lovedon Beck, Casthorpe Road, Denton.


S14/2696/FULL - M. Friend - Conversion of barn to dwelling, Mill House, Bourne Road.

S14/3117/FULL - Prof J. Belcher - Change of use from retail to residential, insertion of rooflights, relocation of oil tank and installation of solar panels to outbuilding, 27 Market Place.

S14/3118/LB - Prof J. Belcher - Internal and external alterations to allow for conversion to residential, insertion of rooflights, relocation of oil tank and installation of solar panels to outbuilding, 27 Market Place.


S14/2440/TCA - Malc Firth Landscapes Ltd - Pollarding lime trees and crown raising by 4 to 5 metres, crown thin by 15 to 20 percent and reduction back from buildings by 1 to 1.5 metres of the sycamore tree, land at Stonemasons Court.

S14/2959/FULL - Jacqui Thomson, RBS - Installation of aluminium wall cladding in association with replacement signage, 27 St Peter’s Hill.

S14/2992/HSH - Mr and Mrs Dachs - Erection of single storey side and rear extension, 6 Stephenson Avenue.

S14/3051/HSH - Simon Morton - Conversion and extension of garage, 155 Manthorpe Road.

S14/3068/ADV - Tax Assist Accountants - Non-illuminated fascia sign, 3-7 Watergate.

S14/3103/TPO5 - Phillip Behan - Felling of turkey oak (querus cerris), 10 Hazelwood Drive.

S14/2281/ADV - Asda - Various adverts to supermarket and filling station, Asda Stores Limited, Union Street.

S14/2987/TCA - Mr A. Lamb - Fell two mountain ash trees, reduction in width and height of 2.5 metres to two ash, reduction of 2 metres to four ash trees, reduction of 1-1.5 metres to eight ash trees, 1 Premier Court.

S14/3052/TCA - Mrs T. Feildon - Fell one willow tree, land to the rear of 39 St Peter’s Hill.

S14/3164/FULL - Mrs P. Meadows - Change of use to shop (A1 - hairdressers) and alteration to shop front, 95 Westgate, Grantham.

S14/3165/LB - Mrs P. Meadows - Alterations of shop front - 95 Westgate.

Great Gonerby, Marston

S14/2960/DC - Yew Tree Farms - Approval of details required by Conditions 3 (fencing, colour, external materials) and 8 (confirmation of MOD notification) of S12/2411, land off Green Lane, Marston.


S14/3092/HSH - Mr and Mrs Robinson - First floor side/rear extension, 21 Gregory Close.


S14/2861/HSH - Michael Bromige - Installation of air source heat pumps, South Barn, Village Street, Oasby.

Little Bytham

S14/2907/HSH - Geoffrey Howard - Extension of dropped curb and creation of off site parking, Waterside, 17 Station Road.

Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/3000/FULL - Mr S. Ballaam - Erection of hay barn, land adjacent to The Bungalow, Harrowby Lane, Harrowby.

S14/3064/HSH - Yolanda Martin - Single storey side and rear extensions to dwelling, swimming pool enclosure and car port, 44 Turnor Road, Harrowby.

Long Bennington

S14/3028/FULL - Smart Fleet Services - Erection of two portable office buildings, Runway, Roseland Business Park.

S14/3150/HSH - Mr and Mrs McDermott - Conversion and alteration of outbuilding to annex; erection of garage and store, Crosburn House, 40 Main Road.

S14/3151/LB - Mr and Mrs McDermott - Conversion and alteration of outbuilding, Crosburn House, 40 Main Road.

Wyville cum Hungerton

S14/3101/DC - Lady Elizabeth Le Marchant - Approval of details reserved by Condition 2 (window materials) of S14/0894, Field House, Hungerton Home Farm, Hungerton.

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