Planning Applications Grantham and District

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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S14/3229/TCA - Mr Scholes - Fell two sycamore trees, The Barn, Ancaster House, Ermine Street.


S14/3206/DEM - Ms MacDonald - Demolition of workshop building, Barkston Refinishing, Honington Road.

Belton & Manthorpe, Grantham, Great Gonerby

S14/3260/EIASC - Mr A. Aspbury - Proposed housing-led mixed use development; land bounded by the Manthorpe housing estate’ Manthorpe village; the A607, High Road; A132 Kv high voltage overhead electricity transmission line; and the east coast main railway line, land off High Road, Manthorpe.

Bitchfield and Bassingthorpe

S14/3271/DCLB - Victoria Pyke - Approval of details of Condition 2 (doors) of p/p S14/2533/LB, Manor House, Main Street, Bitchfield.

Boothby Pagnell

S14/3148/DC - Neil Thomas - Approval of details reserved by Conditions 2 and 3 of S14/0491, Home Farm Cottage, Ponton Road.

Castle Bytham

S14/3059/HSH - Simon Harvey Adams - Lean-to extension to accommodate renewable energy boiler wiht associated flue, following removal of existing oil tank/enclosure, The Old School, High Street.

S14/3225/TCA - Mr H. Bakker - Remove silver birch, 11 Glen Road.


S14/2502/NMA - Mr A. Pearce - Non Material Amendment to S13/2729 (alteration to window/door arrangement, installation of gas box and minor alterations to ground level), 35B High Street.

S14/3187/HSH - Mrs M. Dekanski - Single storey rear extension to dwelling, 34 Colster Way.

Counthorpe and Creeton

S14/3222/DETCOFA - Mr R. harris - Change of use of agricultural buildings to three dwelling houses, Cabbage Hill Farm, Castle Bytham.


S14/2986/LDE - Robert Sampson - Lawful development certificate for retention of existing dormer window, The Shrubbery, South Heath Lane.


S14/3033/FULL - Sue Hodgson - Change of use from office (B1) to financial services (A2), 5 Avenue Road.

S14/3042/TPO - Mrs L. Lord - Fell one oak tree, reduction to four branches by 3-4m of maple tree, land adjacent to 36 Beacon Lane.

S14/3103/TPO - Phillip Behan - Felling of turkey oak (Querus cerris), 10 Hazelwood Drive.

S14/3113/FULL - HSBC Corporal Real Estate - Installation of replacement external ATM machine, 88 Westgate.

S14/3115/LB - HSBC Corporal Real Estate - Installation of one external and two internal, replacement ATM machines, 88 Westgate.

S14/3116/TCA - Mr S. Shelton - Removal of a sycamore tree, 42 Dudley Road.

S14/3166/HSH - Mr G. Goodridge - Single storey rear extension to dwelling, Highfields, Gorse Lane.

S14/3172/DC - Stephen Holman, Yelcon Homes Ltd - Approval of details reserved by condition 15 - Retaining structure adjacent to Beacon Hillside of Reserved Matters approval S13/3292, Barrack Gardens/Beacon Lane Allotments, Beacon Lane.

S14/3180/HSH - Mr A. Humphreys - Retention of fence and gates to front of dwelling, 8 Belton Lane.

S14/3230/DC - Mr A. Padovano - Approval of details reserved by Condition 4 (Materials) of S14/1595, 163 Manthorpe Road.

S14/3251/NMAH - John Riley - Non Material Amendment for planning permission S10/2486 (alteration to roof), 36 Edinburgh Road.

Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/3191/DEXT - Alan Brennan - Single storey rear extension depth 5.4 metres, maximum height 3.5 metres, height to eaves 2.3 metres, 16 St Andrews.


S14/3282/TPO - Mr Stoneman - Reduce limb of horse chestnut by 4 metres, Stone Croft, Church Street.

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