Planning Applications Grantham and District

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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S14/3376/CWC - Mark Howard - Confirmation of Compliance with Conditions of p/p 13/2584, The White House, Casthorpe Road.

S14/3452/HSH - Mr A. Smith - Two-storey side and rear extension, Jessami, Low Road.


S14/3406/TPO - Mr M. King - Works to lime tree, including crown raise to approximately 20 feet, selectively crown thin upper/outer/lower and inner crown by no more than 20 per cent and remove dead wood, remove lower limb under crown raise which overhangs neighbouring property, reduce limb over neighbouring property, 31 Allen Close.


S14/3303/DC - David Pearce - Approval of details reserved by Condition 2 (materials) of S14/2036, 21 Barnby Lane.


S14/3173/FULL - Julie Hadlow - Two-storey side extension to medical centre, St John’s Medical Centre, 62 London Road.

S14/3360/ADV - Ms Jacqui Thomson - Replacement ATM signage and associated shop front signage, 27 St Peter’s Hill.

S14/3365/FULL - Mr M. Kelby - Change of use from domestic annexe to independent dwelling, Mole End, 33 Signal Road.

S14/3372/HSH - Mr K. Robinson - Single storey side and rear extension, 30 Manchester Way.

Grantham, Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/3364/CWC - Pygott and Crone - Confirmation of compliance with conditions associated with permission SK.97/072254/29, S99/0930/54 abd S00/0815/54, 1 St Pierre Avenue.


S14/3308/HSH - Mr V, Wedge - Erection of two-storey side extension to dwelling, Oak Cottage, 2 Paddock Rise.

Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/3233/FULL - Mr J. Ward - Erection of one dwelling, land adjacent 218 Harrowby Lane.


S14/3108/FULL - Ms B. Windley - Demolition of existing garages and erection of two dwellings, land at rear of Fairmont, Colsterworth Road.


Mr and Mrs Tony Hine - Single storey side extension and car port, The Old Parsonage, The Drift.

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