Planning Applications Grantham and District

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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S15/0004/TCA - Mr G. Anderson - Fell two horse chestnut trees, re-pollard five horse chestnut trees, Eastleigh, The Green, Allington.

Aslackby and Laughton

S14/3568/TCA - Mrs S. Thomas - Reduce willow tree by 3 to 4 metres, Martins, 6 Temple Road, Aslackby.


S14/2621/FULL - Mr T. Lee - Change of use of land to form residential curtilage, demolition of existing and erection of replacement storage barn, Casthorpe Grange, Casthorpe Road.

S14/3526/HSH - Mr L. Coulson - Demolition of existing single storey garage and erection of two-storey front extension, 13 Thorold Road.

Belton and Manthorpe

S15/0005/TCA5 - Mrs J. Gardiner - Removal of branches to cedar/Lebanon tree, Belton Cottage, Barkston Heath Road, Belton.

Castle Bytham

S14/3534/HSH - Paul Teillant - Alterations to two existing pillars on front boundary wall, 7 Heathcote Road.


S14/3125/DC - Miss S. Jackson - Submission of details in relation to Conditions 3 (photographic record), 4 (roof materials), 5 (rainwater goods) and 6 (materials sample board) of S13/3170, Halfpenny Cottage, 53 High Street.

S15/0016/TPO - Milton Moses - Fell one cedar tree, Haven House, Waterloo Road.


S14/3475/HSH - Gareth Dobb - Two-storey rear and single storey front extension, 25 Barnby Lane.


S15/0015/TPO - Dr Helen Harrison - 25 per cent crown reduction to beech tree, 15 Woodlands Drive.


S14/3104/FULL - Courtyard Properties - Change of use from dog grooming salon to office, 31A Brook Street.

S14/3456/OUT - Mr I. Rawlinson - Three dwellings (outline application), land adjacent 141 Stamford Street.

S14/3476/HSH - Jill Karlik - Two-storey side extension and roof alterations to rear single storey elevation, 6 Webster Way.

S14/3483/ADV - David Bowles - Signs to shopfront, Co-op Foodstore, 143 Princess Drive.

S14/3497/HSH - Ben Benbow - Detached garage, 169 Barrowby Road.

S14/3552/FULL - Craig Currie - Cafe extension to showroom and alterations to elevations, Hammonds Prestige Motor Vehicles, Harlaxton Road.

S14/3554/ADV - Craig Currie - Fascia and other signs, Hammonds Prestige Motor Vehicles, Harlaxton Road.

S14/3557/DEXT - Clare Hall - Single storey rear extension depth 5.0 metres, maximum height 3.8 metres, height to eaves 2.4 metres, 63 Kingscliffe Road.

S15/0002/TPO5 - Ms A. Murphy, Grantham Lettings - Works to cedar tree, 3 Woodlands Drive.

Grantham, Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/3499/FULL - David Balderson - Erection of dwelling and detached garage, land to rear of 191 Belton Lane.


S14/3463/HSH - Ms Patricia Trafford - Two-storey side and rear extension (incorporating a balcony); porch and extension of outbuilding, Lane View, Manor Lane.

Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without

S14/3215/DETCO - Duncan & Toplis/Roythornes - Conversion of barn to dwelling, land off Heath Farm Lane, Harrowby.

S14/3358/HSH - Mr and Mrs Bush - Proposed single storey rear extension to dwelling, Arches, Church Lane, Londonthorpe.

S14/3413/FULL - A Shade Greener - Installation of two containerised biomass boilers, Stanborough Press Ltd, Londonthorpe Road.

S14/3556/DEXT - Mr R. Benton - Single storey rear extension depth 4.55 metres, maximum height 2.9 metres, height to eaves 2.9 metres, 13 First Avenue, Grantham.

S14/3522/HSH - John Edwards - Single storey side and two-storey rear extensions to dwelling, 68 Sunningdale.

Long Bennington

S14/3501/LDP - John Rose, Roseland Group Ltd - Lawful development certificate for temporary use of existing runway for taking off and landing of light aircrafts, Runways at Roseland Business Park.

S14/3504/DC - Mr M. Foster, Lindum Homes - Approval of details required by Conditions 2 (materials), 3 (surface water drainage), 4 (landscaping), 5 (footway) of S14/1170, 27 Main Road.

North Witham

S14/3581/DC - Ray Cox - Discharge of Condition 4 (access improvement details) of S14/2691, 8 Northerns Close.


S14/3442/FULL - Richard Lambie and Peter Dixon - Two dwelling with detached garages, access, associated landscaping and boundary treatments, plots 1 and 2 to rear of 12 High Street.

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