Planning Applications Grantham and District

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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:

Belton & Manthorpe

S14/3505/FULL - David Price - Erection of a single dwelling, land to rear of 152 Manthorpe Road.

S15/0713/LB - Mr I. Grafton, National Trust - Structural repairs and underpinning, Belton House, The Drive, Belton.


S15/0668/HSH - Mrs S. Kimber - Erection of single storey rear extension, 2 Evans Close.

S15/0900/HSH - Pauline Luxton - Two-storey side extension; insertion of dormers in the front elevation, conservatory and detached garage, Robins Nest, 5 Rectory Lane.


S15/0960/TCA - Jillian Hiley - Fell one conifer - Pendle, Main Street.


S15/0813/HSH - Mr and Mrs Barnes - Proposed carport to front of dwelling, 70 Churchfields Road.


S15/0526/AG - Mr T. Marris and Mr R. Marris - Erection of storage barn, land of Fallow Lane.

S15/0927/DC - Mr T. Marris and Mr R. Marris - Approval of details reserved by Conditions 3,5, 6 and 7 of S12/3241, land off Fallow Lane.


S15/0827/AG - STAS Ltd - Prior notification of proposed extension to agricultural building, Rylands Grange Cottage, Fulbeck Heath Road.


S15/0772/TELX - CTIL and Telefonica UK Ltd - Installation of 15m replacement monopole with six antennae and two dish antennae attached, plus associated site works, Jewson Ltd, Wharf Road.

S15/0789/ADV - Sally Todd - Two internally illuminated signs and two internally illuminated wall-mounted signage lightboxes, Hair & Holistics, The Old Malthouse.

S15/0812/DC - Stephen Holman - Approval of details reserved by Condition 7 (landscaping adjacent 3, 4 and 5 Brisson Close) of S13/3292, Barrack Gardens/Beacon Lane Allotments, Beacon Lane.

S15/0845/DEM - Grantham & District Hospital - Demolition of radio transmission building - Grantham & District Hospital, 101 Manthorpe Road.

S15/0846/HSH - Adrian Dobney - Erection of a first floor side and rear extension, 20 Langdale Crescent.

S15/0852/TCA - Mr Bujak - Remove one lawson to ground level and 50 per cent reduction in height to one golden conifer, 9 Harrowby Road.

Great Gonerby

S15/0803/ADV - Mr J. Thambirajah - Installation of replacement fascia signage and side panel signs - 4 High Street.


S15/0647/TCA - Mr P. Procter - Removal of three cherry trees, 1 Swine Hill.


S15/0776/HSH - Mr and Mrs D. Richardson - Single storey side extension to dwelling and erection of detached garage, 14 Billingborough Road.

S15/0866/FULL - Doug Watson - Erection of dwelling, 14 Paddocks Estate.

Londonthorpe & Harrowby Without

S15/0714/LDE - Martin Watson - Lawful Development Certificate for existing conservatory, 20 Ganton Way.

S15/0897/FULL - CTIL and Vodafone Ltd - Erection of 20m monopole supporting three antennas and three cabinets and ancillary works, field opposite Saltersford WTW, Spittlegate Level, Grantham.

Long Bennington

S15/0946/OUT - Mr C. Smith - Outline application for a two-bedroom bungalow, land off Kirtons Lane.


S15/0925/DC - Ceri Lyons - Approval of details reserved by Condition 2 (materials) and Condition 6 (flooding) of S14/3559, Rivermead, Bridge Street.

North Witham

S15/0824/HSH - Mr G. Pearson - Single storey side extension, Bywater, Water Lane.

Pointon & Sempringham

S15/0898/HSH - Mr and Mrs A. Mitchell - Erection of single storey rear extension to dwelling and veranda to first floor, Field View, 64 West Road.


S15/0893/TPO - Mrs H. J. Coulding - Reduce hornbeam back by two metres, Lindisfarne, The Drift.


S15/0962/HSH - Mr and Mrs G. Ward - Erection of first floor side extension, 2 Sedgebrook Road.

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