Players hit heights with Fly Me to the Moon

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A HEALTHY crowd were drawn to the Guildhall on Wednesday night for the opening night of “Fly Me to the Moon”

And nobody left disappointed.

The St Peter’s Hill Players play is set in the departures lounge of an East Midlands airport. In the first act the characters arrive one-by-one for a course designed to help with their fear of flying.

The tension in the room reaches horrific and comedic levels as each new arrival ratchets up the neurosis of everyone else in the room with talk of terrorist attacks, 9/11, hijackings and the SARS virus.

Polly Lewis, playing self-medicating Madge, steals most of the group scenes, culminating in her cries of “we’re all going to die!”

Matt Wilson’s Doctor Jones, rather than helping the would-be passengers with their own worries, only succeeds in making things worse as, despite coming across as the world’s most cheerful man, he actual struggles to mask his own excessive fears.

The sub-plot focuses on the relationship between Dave (played by Martin Daff) and Anne (Suzanne Webb). The pair’s relationship goes on a roller-coaster ride and the steaming tension leads to them both sharing some home truths.

But does that make things worse or bring them closer? You’ll have to watch to find out.

The second act sees the characters in the aftermath of their horrific flight experience. Imagine 150 people who are afraid of flying all being put on the same plane and you get the idea!

But by the end the experience seems to have helped - although for some more than others.

Fly Me to the Moon will be on at Grantham Guildhall tonight (May 13) and tomorrow night (May 14) at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available from the box office or by logging on to