Please put children before the red tape

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Further to the correspondence regarding the lack of a School Crossing Patrol at St Anne’s School, why has nothing been done to improve the situation in the weeks since the Lollypop man was forced to leave his post because Harrowby Road is so busy and drivers failed to stop for him?

Why is there is no designated crossing in Harrowby Road? Even the area Mr Archer used for his crossing patrol is not marked in any way, and it is very dangerous when cars and large vans are parked where the children used to cross with him.

There is little evidence for drivers that there is even a school in that area, except for one sign which is often lost amongst parked cars and overhanging bushes.

The police have provided a speed sign outside the school, in one direction only, but that doesn’t suggest in any way that children and parents need to cross the road at certain times.

With no lollypop man or police presence it is a daily nightmare for all concerned as we try to cross Harrowby Road with schoolchildren, pushchairs and toddlers, especially in the gloomy winter weather.

When can the children of St Anne’s expect some help to reach school in safety? It will be too late for apologies and “heartfelt condolences” from the road authorities and the police after a child or parent is seriously injured or worse whilst trying to reach St Anne’s School.

Other Grantham schools have lollypop men/ladies and/or zebra cossings. Why are St Anne’s schoolchildren being sadly neglected in this way?

If SKDC can spend £1.6million on the market place, surely someone can find the money to make local children and parents safe on their daily journies to and from school.

L. North