Please slow red route traffic before it’s too late

Scene Setter : Road at Belton Woods. 947B
Scene Setter : Road at Belton Woods. 947B
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As a resident of Barkston for the past 13 years, both myself and daughter travel the red route between Barkston and Grantham (A607) regularly and are becoming more and more concerned at the the near-miss accidents we encounter on a daily basis.

It is like an assault course, with traffic pulling out of Chandlers, Belton Garden Centre, Belton House turn-off and Belton Woods, seemingly unaware that it is a 60mph speed limit.

The junction between this road and the turn-off to Gonerby is a nightmare. Drivers exceed the speed limit, not slowing down and giving way when turning right, indifferent to traffic coming over the hill.

Traffic lights should certainly be installed immediately because the signs are being ignored and have little effect.

There have been many accidents at this junction, and it is time to address the problem.

Today at 12noon, my daughter came home, shaken and upset, having nearly had a head on collision with an elderly driver in a silver 407 who decided not to slow down, not to wait and pulled out in front of my daughter causing her to emergency stop from 50 miles an hour, to the horror of drivers behind her, on the other side of the road and those waiting to turn onto the main road.

This lady had no idea what she very nearly caused and continued on her journey oblivious. Had I been with my daughter, I would have got her number and then reported her to the police for dangerous driving.

Mrs Nadine Wetz