Poem: Grantham isn’t boring!

Welcome to Grantham
Welcome to Grantham
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A poem by Val Odell, entitled ‘Boring, not us!’.

Who thinks Grantham’s boring? They don’t get out enough. There’s plenty going on here, Both ladylike and rough.

There’s singing in the choir, Or acting on a stage.om There’s pubs and clubs and cinema, To suit most any age.

We’ve got a super sports ground, For soccer, squash and racing. And inside pools of any size, Oh! Life could be so bracing.

They even have a writers group, Where the brainy folk all go. All ballroom dancing is a must, But you must be fit, you know.

And if you can’t find anything, Where you would like to go, Then go down to the Premier, And watch the traffic flow!

For outside folk there is the park, So don your boots and cap. And for a walk round Grantham town, Just contact Malcolm Knapp.

We may not be a super town, But there’s lots for you to do. So read the paper and find out, The rest is up to you.