Poet knows Grantham is where the heart is

Talented poet Enid Hewitt with the many books in which her rhymes have been published.
Talented poet Enid Hewitt with the many books in which her rhymes have been published.
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An 85-year-old’s poem expressing her pride in Grantham is being published in an anthology to be sold nationwide.

Writing poetry has been a hobby of Londonthorpe resident Enid Hewitt ever since she was at school, and she estimates that around 30 of her poems have been published.

Yet Mrs Hewitt is particularly delighted that her ode to ‘Grantham Town’ will be included in United Press’ collection ‘Home Is Where the Heart Is’.

Comprised of work by poets from across the country, invited to write with this title in mind, it will be available later this year in all good bookshops and libraries.

“There are many interesting things to write about Grantham, and how it has changed since WWII,” said Mrs Hewitt, who has kindly let us print her poem below.

Grantham Town in a valley lies with hills on every side,

A lofty steeple rising high can be seen from far and wide.

In former days a rural town with a large exquisite church,

And an inn with a living beehive sign, river banks with silver birch.

There’s a medieval hotel, the Angel it is called,

Where Kings and Queens, in centuries past,

Have stayed within its walls.

There’s the school where Isaac Newton went,

Force of gravity, he found,

Film stars and Prime Minister have lived on Grantham ground.

Through two world wars, devastating blitz when many lost lives,

The folk of Grantham soldiered on, survived the wars with pride.

The Bouncing Bomb was created here in St Vincent’s stately halls,

The river Witham flows through the parks enhanced with waterfalls.

It’s a busy industrial town right now with increased population,

With supermarkets, skate-board park and sports for recreation.