Police and Crime Commissioner elections

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A number of readers have been in touch with the Journal to say that even though the police and crime commissioner election is on Thursday, they have still not received any information.

Jan Hansen, who has run a small business for 26 years, said that the election is very important but few of his customers seem to have any information about the candidates.

The owner of Hansen’s Chocolate House in Folkingham said: “In the last 12 months we’ve suffered more attempted frauds than in the last 25 years.”

He said it has got to the stage where if he does not recognise a customer he has to be suspicious.

He said: “It’s so worrying and that’s why it’s got my back up a bit about the police crime commissioner elections. They seem to be it very low profile. So many people I talk to say they don’t know much about it.”

Jan, who has been the victim of crime about six times, feels it is very important who takes the job, which will replace the Lincolnshire Police Authority. Especially because of the spending cuts that Lincolnshire Police is facing.

He added: “I think it’s terrible that some people have got no information about the election candidates, it’s quite important.”

Another reader got in touch with the Journal when she ordered more information about the four candidates and discovered the official booklet only featured three of them - missing out Conservative Party candidate Richard Davies.