Police inspector dismissed after lying about extent of injuries

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A police inspector has been sacked for “exaggerating” the extent of injuries she sustained from a car crash, and their impact on her mobility.

Inspector Zoe Hallam, 48, of Whatton, was dismissed from Nottinghamshire Police for gross misconduct following a five-day hearing which came to an end on Wednesday.

A panel heard how the former policing sergeant for Bingham was covertly filmed by suspicious colleagues after claiming she had significant mobility problems and could not sit or drive for long periods of time.

Despite these claims, Mrs Hallam had driven long distances to and from holiday destinations, despite telling her supervisors she was unable to drive or sit for long periods of time. She also said she could not bend, twist or reach, or lift and carry large or heavy objects – yet she was able to do such things while shopping and while on holiday. The panel heard how this “failure to be open and honest” occurred on several occasions.

Mrs Hallam – a police officer of 25 years – was accused of misleading her colleagues and supervisors between December 2011 and November 2013.

Acting chief constable Simon Torr chaired the hearing. He said: “Nottinghamshire Police expects all officers to uphold the force values on honesty and integrity and we demand exemplary standards of behaviour from everyone who works in policing.

“When it is found that someone breaches those standards then we will take action. We have a responsibility to the public that we serve to give them the assurance that our officers and staff can be trusted to tell the truth.”

Both Mrs Hallam and her husband, Inspector Phil Hallam, were arrested in November 2013 on suspicion of fraud by false representation and assisting fraud by false representation, misconduct in a public office respectively, but it was later determined that no criminal charges were appropriate.

Inspector Phil Hallam was completely exonerated and will not face any internal proceedings.