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Former Grantham police sergeant, who posted racy photos online while on sick leave, quits Lincolnshire Police force

A police inspector, who posted racy photos of herself online while signed off with stress, has resigned from the force.

Mum-of-one Leanne Carr, who served in Grantham, this time used social media to tell the world she had left Lincolnshire Police.

The 35-year-old made national and international headlines in April 2018 when glamorous shots emerged of her posing on beaches in Thailand, Cyprus, Austria and South Africa the year before, when she was said to be on long-term sick leave.

In an Instagram post she captioned "highly emotive", Leanne said that she had dealt with "bullying, harassment and victimisation" as a frontline police officer.

Leanne Carr. Photo: Instagram
Leanne Carr. Photo: Instagram

Ms Carr's full Instagram message said: "Behind the uniform is a real person, a human being, with real feelings and real emotions - someone that has had enough.

"Enough of taking care of everyone else without even batting an eyelid at the danger, trauma and devastation ahead of her as she performs her duty as a frontline officer.

"Only for those that are supposed to walk the line with her to not repay her with the same respect that she shows everyone else.

"Bullying, harassment and victimisation is not okay. Not on any level. After 14 years service as a Police Constable, Police Sergeant and Police Inspector I am immensely proud of myself. I achieved that through hard work, determination, sacrifices and a love for serving the public.

Leanne Carr while working on Operation Galileo - a hare coursing operation
Leanne Carr while working on Operation Galileo - a hare coursing operation

"Sadly I’ve had to close the door to the negativity I’ve endured from my colleagues for my own sanity and to protect my own mental health. I haven’t had my say about my ordeal but I will, in good time.

"I hope that others can learn from my experiences as the saying goes, there is no true peace without fairness, truth, justice and solidarity.

"My inbox is always open, don’t suffer in silence, don’t think it will get better like I did, stand up for what is right, do it now! And remember when others are attacking you it’s through jealousy.

"Jealousy is a form of hatred built from insecurity. Never hate those that are jealous of you, as hard as it is, try to respect their jealousy because they are the ones who think you are better than them.

"I will come out of this stronger, and I am determined to ensure that history does not repeat itself as I stand up tall and fight for what is right.

Leanne Carr on one of her fitness videos
Leanne Carr on one of her fitness videos

In the Summer, the Grantham Journal's sister newspaper the Rutland and Stamford Mercury revealed that Leanne was using both maternity leave after having a son and lockdown as an opportunity to launch fitness sessions.

Today (Friday), a Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: "We can confirm that Sgt Carr has resigned and we thank her for her service as a police officer."

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