Police release latest ‘use of force’ figures

Lincolnshire Police news.
Lincolnshire Police news.
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More than 130 Lincs police officers have been physically assaulted in the past six months.

The shocking statistic is revealed as the force released its use of force statistics for Lincolnshire Police for the second quarter of the year, from April until September.

The requirement to publish the figures was introduced by the Home Office in April 2017 and is aimed at providing greater transparency into how and why force is used, giving the public reassurance that the force used is lawful, proportionate and necessary for the circumstances.

Since April, when figures were first collated, 133 officers have been the victims of assaults, which range from being spat at through to having teeth knocked out or noses broken.

During the six-month period, Lincolnshire officers reported 2,855 instances where force was used to restrain an individual. Use of force can range from low-level restraint, such as handcuffing a compliant person, through to the use of other necessary tactics for dealing with violent resistance.

Deputy Chief Constable Craig Naylor says: “This data helps us to understand the challenges that police officers face on a daily basis in order to keep the public safe.

“Although the collation and analysis of the figures is still a journey, it is proving to be a really useful tool in helping us minimise the risk to officers. We have always been the service that runs towards danger but by identifying the threats and comparing the effectiveness of the techniques used to deal with them, we can ensure we have the best training and equipment to keep incidents of injuries at a minimum while keeping our communities safe”.