Police seek more volunteer specials for Grantham area

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An event is being held in Grantham aimed at recruiting more volunteer special constables for Lincolnshire Police.

To be eligible for the unpaid special constable role you must be over 18.

Steve Woodcock, Special Chief Officer, said: “As a Special Constable there is a chance to meet people from a variety of backgrounds in an even wider range of situations. Officers learn much about human nature, teamwork, and increase their ability to cope with the unexpected.”

Special Constables are part of the local policing team. They work alongside officers of the regular force and with other experienced Specials.

Training on appointment involves an induction course at the Force Headquarters, followed by an ongoing training programme delivered on a local basis.

To find out more see our eligibility criteria or come along to a Recruiting Drop-in event to be held at Grantham Police Station on Sunday 13 January 2013 from 10 am to 2 pm.