Police warning after rise in bike thefts in Grantham

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Lincolnshire Police is encouraging cyclists to secure their bikes after a rise in reports of cycle thefts.

Police officers in Grantham are reporting an increase in bike thefts across the town and officers are urging cyclists to invest in good locks and to always use them.

Yesterday (Jan 17) a black mountain bike with the words “Cube Attention” written on it was stolen from the service yard of The George shopping centre in Grantham at around 2pm.

A red BMX was also stolen from a back garden in College Street at around 1.20pm on the same day.

Officers are urging cyclists to take the following advice:

+ Invest in a good quality D-lock. These can be bought for as little as £15 and make it much harder to steal your bike.

+ If you’re in town lock it in a place that is covered by CCTV.

+ If you have quick release wheels consider using a secondary chain lock to secure them to the frame. If you have a decent quick release saddle, consider taking it with you when you leave your bike.

+ Fill in a bike passport – recording all of your bike details to make it easier to get back to you if it is stolen.

+ Register your bike on the UK National Property Register (Immobilise) and consider buying an Immobitag so police will know it is your bike straight away if it is recovered.