Civil parking rules will start in Grantham in December

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CIVIL parking enforcement officers will not earn money depending on how many tickets they distribute, district councillors were told on Thursday.

The civil enforcement rules are set to be introduced across the district on December 3, with APCOA Parking (UK) to run the scheme after being awarded the contract.

Officers working for APCOA will be salaried staff who will not receive bonuses depending on how many tickets they issue.

In the week prior to the launch date, motorists will be issued with ‘dummy tickets’ if they fall foul of parking rules. The tickets will warn that the driver faces being fined if they break the rules in the future.

The issue was discussed at a meeting of South Kesteven District Council’s communities policy development group, chaired by Councillor John Nicholson.

Coun Nicholson said: “When it is introduced, they will go round and issue warning tickets so people get the idea and get the hang of it.

“I personally thought it was quite imaginative.

“We are very hopeful in the long and medium-term that it will be a benefit to the towns concerned.”

The APCOA parking staff will be representing the district council when they are covering council car parks, but will be representing the county council when they cover street parking.

As a result, the staff will have velcro badges with county and district council insignia which they can swap over during a shift depending on which council they are working for at any given moment.

Speaking after the meeting, Coun Ray Wootten said: “I welcome the introduction of this scheme. All too often motorists are frustrated that they cannot pop into town for a few minutes and find a space to park as the 30-minute bays, particularly in Castlegate, are always clogged up with cars parked all day.”