College students help build council houses in Grantham

Sean Conboy
Sean Conboy
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A college student is thankful to South Kesteven District Council and Woodhead Construction for allowing him the chance to gain on the job experience.

Sean Conboy, 18, is a second year plumbing student at Grantham College and was given the opportunity to work on SKDC’s first new council homes in more than 10 years which have been built on Sandon Road, Grantham.

He said that the work he did at the newly named Egglestone House was great, adding: “I initially did a work placement that then led to a further seven weeks on site undertaking plumbing, drainage and general groundwork. This was a fantastic opportunity to experience what I had learnt in the classroom and workshop by working on a live site and I thought it was brilliant.”

Sean’s Grantham College personal tutor, Steve Parsons, said that he had managed to involve 18 of his students during the building project.

He added: “In the past it has been hard for us to find placements for our students so to be able to put a good number of students on site at Sandon Road has been great opportunity for learners.

“Everyone working in the construction industry began their career as either a student or an apprentice. So to have the chance to work alongside skilled trade persons on site has been invaluable.”

The development includes four two-bedroom flats and is part of an initial £3m two year building programme to provide 33 new homes in South Kesteven.

Demolition work started in January to clear the site which now includes homes that will suit tenants of all ages and meet specific needs of people with disabilities.

High energy performance is a key feature in the new homes, providing affordable warmth for residents and meeting ‘Lifetime homes’ standards, a set of 16 design criteria that provide a model for building accessible and adaptable homes.