Council leader helps to meet the cost of a rural defibrillator scheme

Lincolnshire County Council leader, coun Martin Hill
Lincolnshire County Council leader, coun Martin Hill
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Leader of Lincolnshire County Council Martin Hill has donated £1,000 from the Councillor Big Society Fund towards Ropsley and District Parish Council’s defibrillator scheme.

The parish council is aiming to buy four public access coded defibrillators, at a cost of £2,000 each, to be used by members of the community in the event of someone suffering a cardiac arrest. Each one is kept securely and can be accessed with a code provided when an ambulance has been called.

The district takes in Ropsley, Braceby, Great and Little Humby and Sapperton, and each village will be equipped with the life-saving equipment, with one being shared between Great and Little Humby.

Cllr Hill said, “It’s vital that anyone who experiences a cardiac arrest is treated as soon as possible - every minute they don’t receive CPR or are defibrillated reduces their chance of recovery by 10 per cent. The fact that these villages now have defibrillators will greatly enhance people’s chances of surviving and making a full recovery.”

Heidi Wilson, clerk to Ropsley and District Parish council said, “We can’t thank Cllr Hill enough for this generous donation. The defibrillators can be used by anyone to help someone who is suffering from a cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, it can take a while for an ambulance to arrive in such a large rural county, so these defibrillators will undoubtedly save lives.”

As well as Cllr Hill’s donation, the cost of the other three defibrillators has been met by donations from a local resident and from the Margaret Brown Trust. Members of a local LIVES group will provide training for volunteers in how to use the equipment. All defibrillators will be up and running by April this year.