‘Damp flat is harming our children’ say young Grantham couple

James Martin in his damp flat in Kinoulton Court, Grantham. Photo: 0273A
James Martin in his damp flat in Kinoulton Court, Grantham. Photo: 0273A
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A young couple are calling on the council to help them solve a severe damp problem in their flat before the birth of their third child.

James Martin and Selina Wormall, both aged 21, are living in a flat they say is ruined by damp, but that the council is doing nothing to help them.

Damp at the flat in Kinoulton Court.

Damp at the flat in Kinoulton Court.

The couple have a five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter and Miss Wormall is expecting a baby boy in two weeks’ time.

But the couple say their son has already had breathing problems brought on by the damp and they fear for the health of their new baby when he is born.

Miss Wormall said: “It’s taken us a year to try and get this sorted and I am really worried because most of the children’s clothes are damp and it will be the same for my baby. I am worried for their health. We are trying to find out if my son is asthmatic. He is constantly coughing. We are infuriated with the council.”

Mr Martin said most rooms in the flat were affected by damp. He said rising damp was a problem, but the council said the flat only needed ventilating.

He said: “They are supposed to be putting a ventilator in the kids’ room. We leave the window open all day and they say that should suffice, but it’s not working. The council are not doing anything to help us at all.”

The couple say mould and damp are a problem in the kitchen and bathroom. They say they are not expecting a new kitchen until 2015.

The Journal has received another call to say that damp is a problem in other flats at Kinoulton Court, but this is denied by the council.

Head of community assets at South Kesteven District Council Paul Stokes said: “We have worked with the tenants and their family to try and alleviate the problem in the flat, advising to ventilate the home fully. Unfortunately our visits to the property recently have found it to be only partially ventilated.

“We are also assisting the tenant by supplying a humidifier for one of the bedrooms to help the problem. There is no consistent issue with damp at Kinoulton Court properties but we work with tenants to solve instances when they do occur.”