Drivers are training in case of a strike by fuel tanker drivers

Lorrys on High Street , doing circuits of town. 267C
Lorrys on High Street , doing circuits of town. 267C
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THE mystery surrounding the lorries that have been circuiting Grantham since Friday, April 6 was solved on Thursday when the Ministry of Defence confirmed that they are training in Grantham in case there is a strike by fuel tanker drivers.

An MoD spokesman said: “It has been well publicised that a number of Armed Forces drivers are being trained to assist in the delivery of fuel in the event of industrial action by tanker drivers.

“This training is taking place at a number of locations, including Grantham. Whilst this is prudent contingency planning, the Government’s principal priority is a negotiated solution to this dispute.”

The training in the town does not mean that Grantham will come first when it comes to getting the fuel if a strike is called and there is a fuel shortage.

The spokesman added: “Unfortunately it doesn’t mean Grantham petrol stations are going to be fully stocked. They would be delivering from the refineries with focus on essential services.”

Bill Johnson, of Belton Lane, Grantham, was one of the many readers to get in touch with the Journal to ask what the lorries were doing.

He first noticed the lorries last Friday.

He said they were going from the Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, in Somerby Hill, Grantham, in a circuit around the town which included going along Belton Lane, Brook Street, the High Street and Bridge End Road.

He said: “They are going by on a 30-minute basis from 8am until 5pm.

“It’s been going on all day every day, and they’re still doing it.

“Originally I thought they were training the army drivers in case of a petrol dispute. I guess they are getting driving experience.

“But when they go over a manhole cover it really does bang.”

Fuel drivers are threatening to strike over safety and working conditions. Talks are ongoing.