Elections 2015 live results: South Kesteven District Council UPDATE 2

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Counting of votes in the South Kesteven District Council elections is well underway.

Grantham’s Meres Leisure Centre is a hive of activity as votes from all wards across the district are counted and results announced.

Here are the latest results:

* Stamford St Mary’s Ward - Conservatives Matthew Lee and Brian Sumner win with 967 and 890 votes respectively. Harrish Bisnauthsing 641 votes, Independent John Dawson 623 votes, Independent David Taylor 455 votes, Lib Dem Pam Bisnauthsing 349 votes, Green Anushree Campbell 310 votes and Green Dave Dorson 282 votes. 67% turnout

* Lincrest Ward - Conservative Howard Stephens wins with 1,126 votes over Lee Steptoe on 372. 75% turnout.

* Bourne Austerby Ward - Conservatives Robert Reid, Jane Kingman and Duncan Ashwell win with 1,190, 1,459 and 1,523 respectively. Independent Paul Fellows 746 votes, Labour James Marsden 647 votes and Lincolnshire Independent John Ireland 642 votes. 62% turnout.