Elections 2015 live results: South Kesteven District Council UPDATE 4

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Counting of votes in the South Kesteven District Council elections is well underway.

Grantham’s Meres Leisure Centre is a hive of activity as votes from all wards across the district are counted and results announced.

Here are the latest results:

* Bourne East Ward - Conservatives Bob Russell and Judy Smith win in Bourne East ward with 1,153 and 1,126 votes respectively. UKIP Roger Woodbridge 715 votes and Labour Lisa Holmes 691 votes. 64% turnout.

* Peascliffe and Ridgeway Ward - Conservatives Rosemary Kaberry-Brown and Ian Stokes win with 1,390 and 1,277 votes respectively. Independent Jeff Thompson 1,167 votes and Independent John Andrews 776 votes. 70% turnout.

* Belvoir Ward - Conservatives Pam Bosworth and Tom Webster win with 1,745 and 1,570 votes respectively. Labour Jonathan Wacey 763 votes. 72% turnout.

* Stamford St John’s Ward - Conservatives Terl Bryant and Damien Evans win with 1,385 and 1,272 votes respectively. Independent Clem Walden 820 votes, Stamford Group of Independents Tony Story 784 votes and Allen Hewitt 620 votes. 71% turnout.

* Casewick Ward - Conservatives Kelham Cooke and Rosemary Woolley win with 1,743 and 1,646 votes respectively. Independent Ibis Channell 722 votes, Independent Tom Butterfield 699 votes and Lincolnshire Independents Justin Mackenzie 468 votes. 75% turnout.