Elections 2015 live results: South Kesteven District Council UPDATE 6

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Counting of votes in the South Kesteven District Council elections is drawing to a close, with results being announced for the final wards.

Since noon today, votes cast across the district have been counted, verified and announced at The Meres Leisure Centre in Grantham.

Here are the latest results, with one final batch to come:

* Grantham Earlesfield Ward - UKIP candidate Felicity Cunningham wins with 903 votes together with Tracey Forman of Labour on 814 votes. Labour Rob Shorrock 676 votes.

* Belmont Ward - Conservatives George Chivers and Nick Craft win with 1,350 and 1,192 votes respectively. Labour Richard Galvin 680 votes and Labour Vic Smith 641 votes.

* Grantham Springfield Ward - Conservatives Nikki Manterfield and Adam Stokes win with 768 and 744 votes respectively. Labour Mark Bartlett 597 votes, UKIP Maureen Simon 591 votes, Labour Caz Thomson 433 votes and Green Gerhard Lohmann-Bond 254 votes.

* Grantham St Wulfram’s Ward - Conservatives Ray Wootten and Jacky Smith win with 1,409 and 1,296 votes respectively. UKIP Paul Martin 685 votes, Labour Yvonne Gibbins 639 votes and Labour Stephen Diggines 620 votes. 63% turnout