Grantham Business Club leader ‘shocked and saddened’ by EU referendum result

Darren Joint, chairman of Grantham Business Club EMN-160802-153707001
Darren Joint, chairman of Grantham Business Club EMN-160802-153707001
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Britain has run the risk of a ‘significantly weaker UK, economically and politically’, is the viewpoint of the leader of Grantham’s business club.

Chairman of Grantham Business Club Darren Joint is ‘shocked and saddened’ by what we, the British people, have chosen to do to ourselves’.

He added: “I think this path to isolate ourselves is a mistake and will result in a significantly weaker UK, economically and politically. If we wanted to provide leadership in the world and shining example of tolerance, inclusion, economic strength and environmental stewardship – then I could understand it and might ever have voted for that!

“Sadly, I don’t believe this is what Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage have in mind. I can’t help wondering where my Great Britain’s gone, and whether we just hammered home the last nail in the coffin of our illustrious past?

“Closer to home in Grantham, I think we’ll see disruption and delays to investments by our local small and medium businesses, whilst we recover our already fragile confidence, and work out the true implications.

“I don’t know how far reaching the practical day to day impact will be – and anyone who says they do, in my view is deluded.

“From the perspective of my business at Viking Signs, we have had a growing export market for safety signs into other European countries, which will doubtless shrink. Even though the pound is so much weaker overnight, effectively making our signs cheaper, the barriers to trade are bound to increase. Of course this also means my summer holiday is going to be significantly more expensive...

“Having said all that, the world will continue to turn and business will be done, so wages (and taxes) will still be paid, albeit with less growth.

“I didn’t understand the arguments to leave – but now that’s what’s been decided I’m going to have to come to terms with them.

“I’d counsel all those in my position not to shun those who voted to leave and their reasons – but to seek to understand what was so bad, they felt it right to take this dramatic step, so that we can solve those problems and move forward together.”