Grantham Clean and Green: ‘We want to be even better at recycling!’

Grantham Clean and Green.
Grantham Clean and Green.
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South Kesteven District Council is thanking residents in the district for their good rates of recycling – but says “we want to be even better!”

Checking only the correct items go in silver bins and clear bags has ensured contamination levels have reduced and helped the council currently recycle 50 per cent of household waste.

But there is still much work to do to help the district be cleaner and greener with its recycling.

The council’s dedicated recycling webpage www.south has helped educate residents on what to recycle at home including clothes, shoes, cardboard, glass, cans, bottles and plastic food packaging.

However, there’s even more residents can do to ensure no incorrect items are left in silver bins or clear bags including food waste, polystyrene, batteries, metals and nappies. The increased correct recycling the council can send to recycling plants, the less it has to spend disposing of waste at other sites.

SKDC’s operations director Ian Yates said: “Contamination levels have lowered and residents have been good at embracing what can and can not be recycled.

“We can however be even better and ask everyone to take those extra seconds every week to check if an item is recyclable. If in doubt always check the webpage.

“Also look out in the coming weeks for exactly what you can and cannot recycle over the festive period.”